Glass Jar Girl

It seems nearly everyone has come around to the idea that buying one-use plastic bottles of water is not only frivolous and costly, but ultimately harmful for the planet. As alternatives, there are Nalgene bottles (though I think plastic taints the taste), and lately I’ve seen those metal water bottles at meetings and grocery stores (but there is something inherently sporty about them that I don’t quite like).

Alas, I am a glass jar girl. Stocked in my cabinet are glass mason jars cleaned and reused from marinara sauces, and the like. I also use the tall thin glass jars that capers or olives come in. I typically view any sort of glass jar purchase as a bonus, because it counts as rustic stemware of sorts. However, the real question is where does my water come from? Well, tap water via my Brita, which is great if it’s just me needing a glass of water, but I always run into the problem of serving water to guests at a dinner party, or to have water out for self-serve (no offense to the Brita designers, but it’s just not something I’ll put out for display). This, however, I found to provide a sensible and charming solution:

Designed by Racquel Youtzy

Racquel Youtzy designed this in response to the growing demand for safe refillable water bottles, and is something I think makes a statement about using our free resources (tap water) at minimal harm to our planet, in a cool modern design to boot. Purchase here, and learn more about why water is important here.


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