Sushi, in a Hand Roll

Sushi - Yes!

Sushi is something Frank and I love to eat, and do so only once a month or so (typically classified as official date night). There are some great places in Minneapolis to eat sushi (Nami, Midori’s, Koyi, Fuji Ya, Origami, Anemoni and Ichiban), though I came across this wonderful post from Apartment Therapy‘s The Kitchn, on all the essential tools to make Sushi at home and thought “What a great gift idea!” As it is the gift giving season, the post nicely pulls out all the items you could buy for a sushi-loving friend. Or maybe you could take a Sushi class (for those in MSP, check out Cooks of Crocus Hill’s cooking courses, they have one for Sushi on February 13th at the Grand Ave location). Or, you can buy The Story of Sushi by Trevor Corson, or look up some great tips on sushi etiquette to write in the card…but perhaps only I would do this, to prove to friends who have dined with me and gasped that I eat sushi (nigiri, specifically, not sashimi) with my fingers that it IS acceptable…


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