The Ad Hoc Experience

Ad Hoc at Home Cookbook

I have a few cooks/foodies/gourmands in my life, so holiday shopping this year was part blessing, part curse. Blessing because there are so many fabulous cook books out there to choose from, but curse because what I will purchase for loved ones, I will secretly want to keep. So, I made a compromise: I purchased four cookbooks for three people, and would take the one that didn’t best fit the personality of the foodie it was intended for. To my glee, I ended up with Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc, which is getting great reviews. It wasn’t necessarily the size (large), weight (heavy) or food porn enclosed within it’s book jacket (niiiice), it was the recipes, and style of recipes, that won me over. As a cook, I tend to listen to my stomach, and experience food/recipes that way, versus training my palette or culinary range. So, as I cook from it, prepare yourself to see some related posts.


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