Beginning Sewing

A few weeks ago I received a sewing machine for my birthday (from my dad by my request, as I embark upon the MN winter ’09/10), and until yesterday, have looked longingly at my new, unused machine. My mother, quite the quilter and apparel sewer, suggested I take my machine for a drive by making a double sided flannel baby blanket for my friend’s upcoming baby shower (with her help, of course). We drove out to a quilting shop in old White Bear Lake where I chose two fabrics (my favorite part of the process, I can just tell. I chose an orange focused palette, as my friend seems to love the bolder colors), and purchased any necessary supplies (sewing scissors, thread, pins). When I got home, I washed, dried and ironed the fabrics, then started the assembly (line up the fabrics face to face, get rid it flat, flat flat! and start pinning). It took an hour and a half to get the thing pinned, and then an hour and a half to sew. So, three hours total for a project my mom could have done in 25 minutes, but it’s pretty darn cute, and so soft!

Folded up blanket, ready to Gift!


2 Comments on “Beginning Sewing

    • Thank you so much! I clicked on your blog, and though can’t translate, love the images. I hope you check back in here and find something fun to read or try. Happy New Year!

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