Beginning Knitting

For my birthday, Frank bought me my first  knitting needles and practice starter yarn after declaring I was going to learn to knit this winter. So, we went to The Yarnery to scope out the goods, and am checking out taking a beginning knitting class there, or possibly at the Crafty Planet (THE coolest yarn and fabric store I’ve been to yet). Of course, I needed to learn just a tad about it before embarking on a class because the beginning classes start with mittens. Yes, you heard me right – Mittens. So, I googled some knitting “how to” videos and learned how to cast but when it came to the actual knitting part, I was lost. So, my mother stops in from time to time to reteach me, and the ladies at work keep showing me, but for some reason, I’m not getting the hang of it. So, I bought more fabric to sew some baby bloomers to blow off the steam (who can’t knit?!), and I’ll get back to it soon. More on this later.


3 Comments on “Beginning Knitting

  1. don’t give up! Have u tried both continental and the english way? I couldn’t knit for the life of me the “english” way but once I tried continental–I was flying!

    • Hi Jessica – thank you for the tip! I loved reading your blog, and look forward to reading more. I have been tied to cooking and sewing, but hoping January will bring some much needed inspiration to try knitting again. I’ll post when I nail that actual knitting part!

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