Modern Quilting

I grew up with quilts – the ones my mother or aunts made; estate quilts, wall hanging quilts, quilts for beds and quilts for babies; quilts that are cute, some stunning, others quite country. I never really thought I would MAKE a quilt until I came across “Material Obsession” which is a modern quilting book, with quilt patterns ranging from simple patchwork to those of fine detail in pattern shape and stitch.

Anthropologie "Chika Hothouse" Quilt

This past weekend I told a few people I was in the process of making my first quilt, for my mother, and the immediate reaction was of, well, near horror. For us urbanites who prey on retailer genius, handmade quilts – like pigs in a blanket at a dinner party – have a lot of appeal for comfort, but modern style doesn’t quite come to mind. However, thanks to Boho Chic retailers like Anthropologie, bedding comes in the form of quilts with modern patterns, bold colors and at-home feel that is absolutely IN; and fabrics from the likes of Amy Butler are simply gorgeous.

Amy Butler Fabrics


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