Roundup: Bacon, Aprons, Embroidery, Beignets, Vikings

I’m pretty excited about this weekend, as it is the perfect balance between social calls and at-home coziness. Here’s what’s up for the weekend:

1. Starting it off with my favorite, Mac+Cheese with Leeks and this time, I’m adding bacon. Should be awesome.

2. I’ll be attempting the Lotta Jansdotter Double sided apron pattern, and will try making a patchwork pocket from the fabric scraps laying around on the plain side:

2. Make a neck muff (there has to be a better word than “muff” but it seems to describe it well) to keep me warm next weekend, when the weather plunges back into the negative numbers. I love scarves, but realized the cool or pretty ones I can wear with my dresses at work aren’t really that warm. So I bought a nice thick fabric with fleece on one side, for the inside part, and am going to sew the two ends together to replicate one of my fav finds:

Because the material is a bit thicker and won’t have all the nice layering this one does, I’m going to fancy it up by:

3. Embroidery. Crafty Planet, my go-to Minneapolis craft store, carries all the materials to knit, sew and now I know, embroider. I picked up thread, needles, hoop and some practice fabric, and of course, Jenny Hart’s guide to kick-ass stitches. Check out more of Jenny Hart’s projects at her blog and store. I’m thinking the pattern will be of the skull and some hearts.

4. Pre-game warm up making Beignets. The Vikes are playing the Nola Saints, so I’m going to make beignets for the Vikings party we’re going to. It should be tasty with the deep-fried turkey that the hosts are making. Buttermilk Beignets Recipe here.

5. Vikings game. This guy says it all.


One Comment on “Roundup: Bacon, Aprons, Embroidery, Beignets, Vikings

  1. I like the term “infinity scarf” for neck muffs. I’ve also been meaning to make one for myself! Was actually going to just sew together the ends of a simple cotton scarf I got at the gap last year. But I guess “simple cotton” doesn’t work in Minnesota right now 😦

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