The All-Day Tote

I know I said I would be making the Lotta Jansdotter apron over the weekend, but on Friday night, Frank’s sister surprised me with a gift from her and her mother – you guessed it, an apron. AND it was embroidered! It is very retro cool, and I can’t wait to make stir-fry tonight with such a cute addition to my outfit. So, there was no need to make an apron but an all-day tote? Sign me up. I had already marked this sewing project as one to get to from her book “Simple Sewing,” and had fabric on hand, so I just went for it. No pattern, just lots of fabric squares in varying sizes that some way or another, would get assembled. I love the two exterior pockets (one on the side for coffee mug, and one in the front for just about anything, but good for a magazine), and two inside pockets (see bottom pic). It strikes me as a really friendly way to keep organized, yet act as a catch-all during a mad dash out the door. So, I started sewing away and four hours later, there it was, a really cute tote and a super proud owner. Now, if only my Matt & Nat super sale satchel didn’t arrive today…


5 Comments on “The All-Day Tote

  1. Um Julia, this tote is amazing-and I am positive that, if you sold them somewhere, people would buy them-I know that I would. You are such a creative inspiration-thank you for your posts!

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