More on Modern Quilting

The Modern Quilt Guild has had a recent online conversation about what constitutes “modern quilting” by looking both at what we consider traditional quilts, and asking other quilters how they define a modern quilt. I love that this article points out what is considered modern, is indeed what was contemporary at the time it was created (yes, the art history major in me). What I create today is modern and contemporary, but in 50 years, would perhaps be “traditional” and not modern at all. We are always, of course, borrowing what we design today from what we’ve seen done before (aka incorporating tradition and heritage) into modernity. So, I’m temped to drop the semantics, and go with the trend, the simply stunning, and those who make art.

Trend: Boho Chic

Bella Hothouse Quilt, Anthropologie

Chika Hothouse Quilt, Anthropologie

Alhamra Quilt, Anthropologie

Trend with Tradition

Kaleidoscope Quilt, Urban Outfitters

Fleur Patchwork Quilt, Urban Outfitters


John Serrao, quilt maker from Hawaii

Paula Nadelstern, quilt from her exhibition late last year at the American Folk Art Museum

Quilts of Gee’s Bend; Katie Mae Pettway, Housetop Variation


Passage quilts, written about on Craft

Stunning, as seen on Modern Quilt Guild

Elizabeth Hartman, Beach House Quilt

Alissa, Land & Sea Quilt

I Dream of Quilts, Strawberry Disco Field Quilt


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