First Finished Quilt

After making my first quilt, for my mother, I got to thinking about the second quilt. Over the last couple of months, I began picking out fabrics and sought out other quilts (as previously posted) for design ideas and inspiration. Though I hadn’t really planned on finishing it (and in retrospect, shouldn’t have though it was a learning opportunity), I finished it today. All in all, about 20 hours for a decently enough made quilt, but not a gold star standard. Quilting without a pattern, real experience and perhaps a class or two taught by a quilter, is frustrating. I think it’s due to the sheer amount of fabric when you have the top, bottom and batting to get together.

In a word: overwhelming. So, I may return to my favorite part of the quilting process – picking out fabrics, and designing/assembling the top.

The top of the quilt, in pieces

Or, I could take a quilting class at Glad Creations in South Minneapolis, or at Crafty Planet in NE Minneapolis and learn, perhaps, an easier way to finish a quilt. Until then, here’s the latest addition to Luda’s favorite sleeping spot.


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