Felt Wreath: Cheesy or Awesome?

Winter Felt Flower Wreath, via Purl Bee

Earlier this year, The Purl Bee posted about making a winter felt wreath, and I loved it – sophisticated yet whimsical, crafty meets I want that. The great thing about crafting is seeing something, learning to dissect it, and make it. The even better part about crafting, is realizing there is an art to it, and that you have to work towards awesome.

I went to Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul and picked up some felt squares, decided on my color palette at home and started to draw flowers. Picking out the better drawn flowers, I cut around the shapes, and started to assemble the felt floral composition. Now, what I love about the Purl’s wreath is the neon thread the holds the pieces to the backing, and accents the colors. No neon thread in my drawer, and running out of time, I grabbed a frame and hoped it wouldn’t fall apart as I tried to assemble it. First criticism: though the matte color should change, I hung it, and am living with it until I figure out a new color. Second criticism, sewing the flowers to the backing will actually give it a nice touch. Until then, this may hearken to Edgar Leeteg and the American black velvet kitsch.


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