Roundup: Sushi, Canvas, Kiehl’s, Emma Jeffs, Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Garage Home

SUSHI: Last night Frank took me to Koyi Sushi Too, and it was good sushi, you know, for the Midwest. Really good Gyoza. The interior looked sort of LA-ish but had these kitschy little items like fake rice in a mini bowl and random porcelain cats scattered throughout the restaurant. And they had Frank Sinatra playing in the background (songs from the Vegas years I think), and the view offered up a Holiday pump where people were getting gas. Kind of hipster on paper, but not in feeling. Needless to say, we sought out for a new sushi joint that pleased us, and pleased we were. And, close to home in the Seward neighborhood.

LANDS’ END CANVAS: It’s been a running joke between me and my friend Betsy, but we never thought we would be paging through Lands End clothing until, you know, we hit forty. But their younger line, Lands’ End Canvas, is pretty cute and versatile (if not a great standard for classic pared down wardrobe which is really all one needs). Would love this in Mushroom.

KIEHL’S: I love, love, love Kiehl’s products. If you haven’t tried them and you’re looking for a better face moisturizer, hand cream, fragrance – whatever – they will have it, and you’ll probably become a brand evangelist. They also do good, like hooking up with culturally buzz-worthy names like Jeff Koons, Julianne Moore, Pharrell Williams and Malia Jones to create limited edition labels on the Acai toning mist product, with 100 of proceeds up to $200,000 being donated to support the Rainforest Alliance.

EMMA JEFFS: decor8 posted the images above and links to purchase Emma Jeffs pretty, practical and private adhesive window films. Note, the price is for a full roll, so I think it’s a pretty decent deal. I know right where these would go other than the main level – the bathroom. The most often smallest space that needs the sunlight, but not the view into your neighbors living room.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: I get the Tasting Table e-newsletter everyday for the bits of information on restaurants, cooks, books, tips and tools, but now they’ve come out with Tasting Table Chef’s Recipes Edition, and it really does it for me, with the recipes and not so insider but well framed up as insider information. This recipe by David Lebowitz, and also available in his new book Ready for Dessert: My best recipes arrived in my inbox and since the only sweet thing Frank will eat is Chocolate Chip Cookies, I think I know what I’ll be doing on this upcoming rainy weekend.

ALTERNATIVE HOUSE: These kinds of things are my absolute favorite when I need to turn off my thinking brain and turn on my creative brain – just think of the possibilities! Turn a garage into your home (via New York Times); buy an 11×11 foot lakeside cottage (via Apartment Therapy); the home made from old freight shipping containers, by the likes of Alchemy Architects (below, the Young weeHouse in Montana).

The Garage House

11'x11' Cottage

Freight Shipping Container Home


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