In the Details: Coasters

We are nearing the end of our two year Major Project List, with only a few DIY home renovations left (like sanding the front porch floor…more to come on that later). I am (finally) getting the point where little things are on my radar. And by little things, I mean really, really little things. Like coasters. For whatever reason, when I think of coasters, I conjure up vintage imagery. Naturally, something to find at an antique store. Well, a run-in with too crowded and overfilled trinket-haven on Sunday sent me back to the internet where an organized search can let me look in peace. While there is color in the house, there aren’t patterns. I try to keep the big things a solid color (so I don’t hate it in two years), and use pattern in the details. So here’s what I’m thinking would work well:
Sea Grass Coasters from Anthropologie:

Olive Wood Coasters from Ten Thousand Villages:

Green Ceramic Coasters from GinaDeSantis on Etsy:

Type Coasters from Veer:

Coasters from The Broken Plate, which I think is the winner because they make me think vintage, but I didn’t have to antique shop for them!


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