Vegetable Garden: First Pepper Harvest

Frank and I had our first pepper harvest of the season. The bananas are coming in fast, jalapenos right behind them and then the slowly growing habanero and green bell peppers. One of the more interesting aspects of the pepper patch is that Frank’s nephew (3 years old) helped plot and plant the peppers, which means all the pepper plants are randomly mixed. This is troubling because we can’t tell the difference between the bell pepper and the habanero (or, at least I thought I knew the difference, but Frank disagrees with my conclusion). We decided to let them sit on the counter and ripen, with hopes the habanero would show its true colors and would not force us to do a taste test. The rest of the garden is coming in nicely with few surprises (yes, we knew there would be a bunny eating the lettuce, but the entire bean patch? Hungry little guy…). The peppers, lettuce and basil are all we’ve been able to take at this point, but the tomatoes are looking great and the cucumbers should be coming in the next few weeks (once they do, you’ll know because I’ll post about making Tzatziki).

The tomatoes coming in:

A month ago, early June:

As of early July:


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