Our Dog, Cassidy

Frank and I have been talking about getting a dog for about a year now, but have never come up with the convincing argument either way to nail down a decision. Our conversation points always centered around the issue of a puppy – puppy training, puppy behavior, puppy guilt when we’re not home, etc. However, dog fever finally hit us a couple of weeks ago, when the option of getting an 8 month old yellow lab presented itself. We were pretty excited about two dogs (sisters), and went out to meet them both last weekend. Cassidy was the girl we were looking for, and now on day 3, couldn’t be more thrilled. We’re getting up early to walk her and love her, playing with her Kong and Wubba, showing her off to neighbors and friends. So..what I mean to say is, I’m a bit distracted this week and am not doing much new to write about so I can focus completely on her. Next week I’ve got my eye on making my first pie…


2 Comments on “Our Dog, Cassidy

  1. Jules, first, congrats! Second, one word- FURminator! It’s the most amazing dog brush ever and yes, slightly expensive, but absolutely worth it. We use the medium one on our labs and the amount of hair that comes off of them is incredible. 🙂

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