Bison Burgers

Until this summer, I had never had bison. A child of the “it’s going to be gamey” camp, I hadn’t considered it a substitute, or alternative, to ground beef. Well, I heard some rumblings about it being a healthier option than ground beef (lower in fat, higher in protein and iron) so when it became available at the Seward Co-op, I took some home to cook up bison burgers. Frank and I haven’t looked back since. It takes a little longer on the grill to cook, but it cooks through evenly and while it tastes different than beef, it doesn’t taste gamey. At all. It’s almost…gosh, floral or earthy compared to beef which has a straightforward beefy taste (unless you’re adding seasoning to it…you know what I mean). We make our burgers with diced jalapeno, salt and pepper, then after forming the patties, rub a little soy sauce on both sides. Frank takes his with two slices of American cheese, and I’m a mushroom swiss girl.


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