To Have and to Hold: Dutch Ovens

I’ve been looking through the recipes that are often in the weekly meal rotation, adding in new ones that I’ve been wanting to try, and came across a trend in the recipes: heavy use of the Dutch Oven. If you don’t own one and you like to cook, this is why I’m writing. I absolutely treasure my dutch oven – in fact, I have two of them – and find it comes in handy for more meals than I had foreseen when I first got one. Stews, one pot meals (forget the crock pot!), bread, soup and casseroles can all be made with a dutch oven. It stews, bakes and braises, and is a classic piece of kitchenware that can be purchased for a variety of prices depending on the brand. Here are a couple that come highly recommended:
Le Creuset:

Martha Stewart:


Other reliable brands include Staub and Calphalon. What you’re looking for is cast iron coated with durable porcelain enamel (and ideally has a nonreactive interior), around 6-7QT in size. It will be heavy.

Here are some recipes I’ve made countless times with the dutch oven, and below, the ones I’m anxious to try this fall/winter.
Use regularly for:
Pot Roast / Beef Brisket
Roast Chicken
Fruit Dumpling
And going to make soon:
Duck Confit
And while I don’t camp, apparently it would really come in handy if I did!


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