Seasonal Stovetop Bratwurst

Ask me for one reason to tolerate the Minnesota winters, and I will respond: Seasons. I love how they change my palette in nearly all ways – crafts, food, activities (summer is not dinner party season…winter is!) and fashion. So as the leaves turn stunning colors, and Cassidy gets her fall portrait taken, we make stovetop bratwurst.

Stovetop Bratwurst
2 bratwurst (roughly 1/4lb each, uncooked – found at the deli usually)
1 yellow onion, half ringed and half diced
Condiment of your choice – horseradish, mustard, dijon, ketchup, etc.
Hot dog or Bratwurst buns

Bring a pot of water to boil with half of the yellow onion, ringed. Add bratwurst to boiling water and boil for 10-12 minutes.

Transfer bratwurst without onion to medium-high frying pan and cook for 15 minutes, 7 minutes each side. If they aren’t browning, turn the heat up.

Load into your bun, top with diced onion and condiment of your choice, and be careful on that first bite…it’s hot!


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