Gale Force Winds, Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

On Tuesday night, gale force winds took out a number of things in the midwest: power, trees, lots of leaves and at my house, a porch screen; it was literally ripped from its hinges. It was a sad turning point in the weather, because what was shaping up to be kind of a beautiful fall suddenly stopped short. It rained, the wind blew and we were cold. Tuesday we refused to let 55 degrees force us to turn on the heat, but yesterday I gave in when it was 50 degrees (in the house, at noon, with full sun) and both animals were looking at me like an evil-doer. The heat went on, and grilled cheese with tomato soup was rather perfect to warm us up. While the grilled cheese is legit, I definitely cheat with tomato soup because I don’t think I could make soup that tastes as delicious as Pacific Creamy Tomato.

Full disclosure, this is a cheater’s post. You know how to make grilled cheese and heat up store bought soup without me actually typing this. Though I’m compelled to.

Grilled Cheese
-Bread (homemade bread recipe here), sliced
-2 tablespoons melted butter
-Cheese (Frank combined American with Gouda, and I did straight Gouda)
Put the cheese between two slices of bread and coat (I use a basting brush) both sides of the bread with the melted butter. Fry in pan over medium-high heat, both sides getting about 5 minutes each.

Tomato Soup
In sauce pan, pour entire contents of Pacific Creamy Tomato soup, cook on low-med heat until boiling. We find that 12oz. feeds two.


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