Roundup: Preparing for Thanksgiving (Hair updos, Dorie Greenspan Cookbook, Champagne, Rifle Stationary)

Minnesota has had an unusually warm fall, with temperatures lingering in the upper 50s to mid 60s, which makes the wool coat I keep putting on in the morning quite unnecessary. It feels like Thanksgiving is another month out, though only two weeks away. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and always has been despite having shared my birthday multiple times with a turkey (an off-year this year, my day will be celebrated on Sunday). A lover of turkey day food has a lot to do with loving this particular holiday, but it’s so much my Mom’s holiday and her food that makes this day very…familiar and loved.

While methods for cooking turkey or alternative side dishes changes up from year to year, the recipe for stuffing (my Mom’s), green bean casserole (Martha Stewart) and pumpkin pie (from the side of the can) never changes and are my absolute favorites. As we did last year, my Mom, Stepfather and three brothers will be coming to our house and have the turkey (last year my brother used Alton Brown’s recipe to Brine the turkey and it was awesome), stuffing and pies in hand, and we’ll take care of sweet potatoes, creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. We never veer very far from these items and I’m curious what other people consider absolute standards to be at their Thanksgiving table. I’m getting excited not only for the meal itself, but for the days off of work, and some time to get a few projects in:

If you’re planning on making any dish for Thanksgiving, I found the Bon Appetit Thanksgiving guide really helpful and inspiring:

Me and my Brother's first and only Thanksgiving away from Mom, and we did a pretty good job...of making too much food for two.

Keep warm as the weather cools (buy here at Secret Pocket):

Make Embroidered Mitered Napkins for your guests would be such a nice touch (via Design Sponge):

Try a new holiday ‘do (via A Cup of Jo):

And relax after the holiday is done with a new book. I will be reading Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan:

Thank someone by sending a pretty thank you from Rifle (which may be my new favorite illustrator):

Try a new recipe, like baked donuts! (101 Cookbooks)

And celebrate that golden birthday:


6 Comments on “Roundup: Preparing for Thanksgiving (Hair updos, Dorie Greenspan Cookbook, Champagne, Rifle Stationary)

  1. I just cut 5″ off and I think it’s only a little longer than yours now, but it worked for me if my hair had enough product (and hair spray, always)…if you try it, let me know!

  2. what a cool blog, julia! i just sent my mom, expert knitter, the photo of that lovely scarf…helloooo christmas time!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! I love following your blog, too, and am jealous of all the veggie dishes you’ve been making (I live with a certain someone who sees meat as the meal and without it, is just a side dish 😉

  3. Also love the hairstyle. Also wish my hair was that color.

    Jules, one quick thing- when I clicked on the link for the scarf it took me to a page that couldn’t be found. All I had to do was click the “back” link Secret Pocket had on there to get to all the color options so no big deal but just wanted to let you know!

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