French Fries

Whether you call them french fries or freedom fries, these are damn tasty. And they’ll stink up your whole house for about three days.
French Fries
Adapted from Cooks Illustrated Best New Recipes
For two people, we used 4 medium sized Russet (baking) potatoes. Peel them, slice them into long medium thick pieces, rinse in cold water (you want to get rid of the starch lingering on the potatoes) and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, over medium high heat, have about an inch of peanut or canola oil in a dutch oven, and bring to 325 degrees.

In two batches, place cold fries into hot oil until just golden, and take out and place on paper towels (on a large plate or bowl); heat oil to 350 degrees.

Ten minutes after the first batch of fries were taken out, put the entire batch back in oil until golden brown, about 2 minutes.

We served ours up with a porterhouse steak, and as Frank said, “We are Americans.”


2 Comments on “French Fries

  1. Yeah, but you split the steak. No Americans split the steak! That’s Northern Californian at best, or Brooklyn-y. (I don’t think they serve carbs with red meat down here in LA…)

    Either way, jealous of another wonderful dinner.

  2. Okay, okay…you called us on it. I’ll take Northern Cailfornian over Brooklyn-y any day, though.

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