Cabin Fever

Last Saturday I plowed through another book on growing food as Frank watched videos of fly fishing. It’s pretty apparent in our house that the time for good weather is desired, so we can be outside tending to our respective passions.

This pile of books (above) shows the range of what’s on my plate: From memoir-esque accounts of land-care like the account of a former Manhattan-ite who left cosmopolitans for cows (The Dirty Life, Kimball); a natural naturalist who rents but found land for a garden, chickens and a bee hive (Made From Scratch, Woginrich); or a master vegetable gardener with a mission to get everyone to have a garden (Grow the Good Life, Owens), to books that will educate me on growing the good stuff this year in my vegetable garden: Week-by-week Gardeners Handbook (which you can write in and keep track through the years); Grow Great Grub (of the blog You Grow Girl) to better make use of the veggie plot I do have, and teach me how to can (yes, canning this fall!). And of course, there’s the books on eating food (I haven’t yet read…details to come) and Backyard Homestead is supposed to have a good section on growing and keeping chickens, which if I could ever get Frank to agree to, I would do in a New York minute. Why? Because baby chicks are cute, and chickens give you eggs.


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