Spring in Minneapolis Is Here!

This week has been beautiful here in Minneapolis, with temperatures in the fifties and sixties. People have emerged from their homes to rake lawns, plant veggies and flowers, and clean their gutters. They are already wearing shorts and tank tops and humming as they go about their day. It’s always such a surprise that winter stops at some point, and it gets warm! The first day of spring came for us yesterday, when we brought out the BBQ, opened the window through the whole night and were able to plant the cool weather crop today.

I could hardly contain myself this morning as I pulled into Gerten’s for the first trip this season. Daffodils! Tulips! Onions, leeks, peas and lettuces! Yes, I am an official garden geek and here’s a picture of my shopping trip:

Coming back home, I realized I had more soil prepping to do before I could dig in and start planting. Frank asked if we could pull up the grass on the south side of the vegetable plot and extend the veggie area all the way to the fence, to which I happily obliged – no longer having to mow an awkward area of grass and then get more dirt for vegetables? Sure, no problem.

Of course, digging up sod is difficult and not on my list of favorite things, but it makes me want to take out the sod on that whole side, so it’s all perennials and vegetables. After taking the sod out, I planted the following:
Mixed Greens
Spinach (Bordeaux)
Arugula (2 kinds)
Romaine Lettuce (2 kinds)
And while I did get the poles up for the beans, forgot I have to soak them for 24 hours before planting.

I planted the strawberries in one of those “seen on tv” topsy tirvy things (we’ll see how it goes), and while I have the blueberry plants, I need to clean out the bed before planting. Also still on the list is planting the leeks and onions. I’ll need to dig up sod somewhere to give them their own space, so I’ll save that for next week after thinking about where they should go. For now though, I’m exhausted and snuggling with one very tired puppy. More to come soon!


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