Engaged! Where to Start?

Last weekend I caught up with a close college friend who is also engaged and planning a wedding. As we talked about checklists, color palettes and wedding blogs I realized I hadn’t written about the whole “Where do I start?” part, which I should have because I felt so overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I would say the three things to do right away (other than call your mother) is: Create your wedding checklist, follow wedding blogs, and Pinterest.

After our engagement, I went to the bookstore and bought wedding magazines, but was a little stumped as to what I should do next. I needed a time-line or a checklist that went in order of priority, not wedding dress ideas (yet). I ended up using the Real Simple Wedding Checklist to catch my breath and get the Big Picture. From this list, I felt like I had a better grasp on the general order of things, and from there bought a book that had all of the details: The Knot Book of Wedding Lists. If you are like me and love checklists, this will knock your socks off – it’s a 208 page checklist. Because this book is so comprehensive, I only took the list items I needed and added to the checklist I had created. Between these two sources, I had a pretty good idea of what the priorities were for each month leading up to the wedding, which has ended up being a very approachable way to break down all of the tasks.

Once Wed, a favorite Wedding Blog

The next and probably most time consuming part for me is the “Look” of the wedding – I started feeling really overwhelmed but my fabulous, design-y and recently married co-workers sent me some great blogs to peruse, of which my favorite are on the right hand side of this blog, under Wedding Blogs. I think wedding blogs are the best way to nail down color palette, decoration, flowers, setting (really, nearly everything) because it’s so much easier to see something and react to it.

My "Wedding Hair" board on Pinterest

This brings me to my next tip: Pinterest. I apologize to all who follow my Pinterest boards because you have had to see a lot of pictures of wedding dresses, gray dresses, flower bouquets and the like but it has been the handiest tool in helping me visualize the wedding by letting me pin pictures (any picture) from the internet onto my Pinterest site. It’s been a ridiculously valuable tool for me. Just the other weekend I went to my first dress appointments and because I had been Pinning dresses I liked since February, I had a solid collection of dresses to bring along and show my consultants.

If you’ve been through this process or are mid-way and have tips, please do tell!


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