Growing Hops, Making Beer

I don’t know if my kitchen or patience is ready to handle it, but two Nugget Hops starters are planted in the back perennial bed next to the fence, for a fall harvest and winter brewing experiment. I would consider myself a wine gal generally speaking, but I do love a good beer – specifically a pale ale with a slightly bitter bite. I haven’t read nearly enough at this point to know what I’ve gotten myself into, but I’m operating under the assumption it can be done, and it will be fun. I think this website that collects videos on the matter will help me this fall, or keep reading Brew Dudes and follow their links.

About the planting: At the base of the fence near the plant, I screwed in one eye screw – this would be the base screw and hold the three lines of fishing line that would extend to the top of the fence (where there would be eye screws to connect the fishing line from the bottom one), to support the vine growth. Like this:

The plant had plenty of vines already grown, at about a foot long each, so I (carefully) pulled them all apart and separated them out into three sets, one for each line. After spinning some of the vines around the line, I used gardening ties to keep the vines in place and it will hopefully train them to go right to the top. Supposedly, they grow a foot a week, which is pretty fast. I’m hoping this fall I will see beautiful hops to harvest, like this:

Image via Missouri Hops Growers

Thank you to Growing Hops Yourself blog, also from Minnesota, for all of the helpful information you post!


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