Radishes: A Cracker Enhancer

In the late spring as I was weeding the vegetable garden, I plucked out what looked like radishes. Knowing I wouldn’t eat them, I tossed them, thinking perhaps in all the crazy winds, some seed from someone’s garden flew over into ours. Turns out, after being exposed to a genius way to get some radishes into your diet, I shouldn’t have tossed them! I was invited to my best friend Betsy’s house for a post-work glass of wine and she busted these babies out on a plate, and I could not resist myself. I think I had five.

So, these are super easy, and they have a name but Betsy hasn’t replied to my facebook message yet about what her family calls them. I’ll update once I get it (no pressure, B, if you’re reading this). *UPDATE: Raddy Cracks. One really important detail: Use freshly ground salt and pepper. I doled out $40 for mine, but it was SO WORTH IT. I love salt and pepper more than any other spice and put it in every dish, so it’s shocking to me that I never thought “Hey, people grind this stuff fresh ALL THE TIME and they are PROFESSIONALS.” Nope, I just carried on shaking out from a canister. So, I’m converted, and it’s the important part of this recipe.

Temporary Name: Raddy Cracks, or Shredded Wheat Cracker with Cheese and Radish
Introduced by: Gilbertson Family
Shredded Wheat Cracker (i.e. Triscuits)
Cheese – I used white smoked cheddar and it was delicious
Radishes – one bundle, medium slices
Freshly ground salt and pepper

Directions: Assemble each cracker with a cheese and radish slice, then top with salt and pepper.


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