Wedding Photographer: Engagement Photos

Choosing the photographer for our engagement and wedding photos was the easiest decision in the wedding planning process. I emailed Stephany Wieland from EyeSpy Photography immediately after our engagement to secure that our location and her schedule would sync up. This was not only because my two co-workers had their wedding photography with her and loved the results, but because she has that eye for finding a certain je ne sais quoi. And that je ne sais quoi might be two people who are not outwardly affectionate, certainly not in public and most likely not in the form of kissing, hand holding or the like, but in the glances, humor and loving our life as it exists because it does with each other. Stephany gets that, and when she asked us to kiss for the first time, “got” that this was not something we do in front of other people, in particular my mother who was armed with her camera taking as many pictures as her memory card would hold.

So here are some sneak peeks she posted this evening, with some really exciting behind the scenes editorial. We took the photos without props, two outfits, and armed with our dog Cassidy in the meadow of Jackson Meadow where my parents live. The prairie this time of year is basically my idea of Miss Rumphius’ garden, but in Minnesota with my guy.

Below is a favorite, where Frank and I are not in the picture, and all eyes are on Cassidy. A win for everyone, particularly because Cass turned out to be the equivalent of Blake Lively when in front of the paparazzi. “Why are you taking pictures of me? Oh cause I’m super duper cute? Okay then. Here’s a cute pose I’ve been working on. Do you like it?”

This is our family photo, sans Luda, in the awesome forest of light. We adore our girl. Can you tell yet? Luda, we love you, but you would have hated this whole thing because you’d have been a cat on a leash. Which is not okay, and we get that.

I’ll be honest, this picture is totally worth Frank threatening to kill me (I’m exaggerating) ten minutes into the engagement session. I know, you all probably thought he was really into this, but alas, he’s still a guy. A guy (it’s worth noting) who was willing to do this for me, which makes him handsome no matter what face he makes at me while the camera isn’t clicking away. So, I’m making eyes at the camera while Frank looks thoughtfully into the prairie…thinking about trout to catch.

Stephany was super excited about the light, and seeing this, I get it. Also, how great is that wall?

Cassidy is beautiful, isn’t she? She’s one fantastic looking dog, and Frank is in his element, loving her up and laughing. Behind us is my favorite section of my mother’s garden.

This one is gold, literally. That light!

This was late in the game of photography, and Stephany asked Frank to kiss my hand to which we both scrunched up our faces and looked — I’m sure — totally opposed. “Not our thing” is pretty close to what I said. So she had us touch foreheads, which was hilarious to us. We’re Minnesotans! We don’t touch foreheads while deep in thought about the love we have for one another! But we did it anyway, and this happened to be one shot while we weren’t giggling and looking at her like “Whaaa?”

And then there is my favorite: to the left is us not quite sure about eating ice cream, and to the right is us being totally into…eating ice cream. It is to be noted that Frank hates ice cream, and this was purchased as a prop so I got him Cotton Candy of all things. And he ate it.

A HUGE thank you to Stephany, for turning our prop-less, two outfit inspired, camera shy selves into two people who look good and more importantly, look happy. Thank you for reflecting our goofy geeky selves and not letting us tank two hours into self indulgent awkwardness, which is hard not to feel when you’re Minnesotan and hate the camera. You’re awesome, and CANNOT wait until the big day!


12 Comments on “Wedding Photographer: Engagement Photos

  1. Julia, Your pictures are wonderful! I remember walking in the woods and Jackson Meadow with your mom and commenting on the beauty… You picked “the perfect picture place…and man!” Your photographer was awesome..she captured the twinkle of love in both in your eyes…

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