Suave Dry Shampoo: Miracle Worker

So, we’ve all been told at some point that we are not supposed to wash our hair everyday because that is what dries it out and wreaks havoc. While I admire those who do this, I have yet to pull off nice “second day” hair unless I curl it. Lo and behold: Dry Shampoo. Have you heard about this stuff? The miracle product that extends the beauty of your hair between washes? I only found out about this product a few months ago and finally bought a bottle yesterday. Tried it this morning and could not believe how effective it is. Smells nice, gave my very straight glossy locks some texture and absorbed oils. I wish I had this stuff back when I had bangs. Anyway, sans bangs, I guess there are some really fancy $24 brands you can buy, but Suave was under $3 and did the job, very nicely.


One Comment on “Suave Dry Shampoo: Miracle Worker

  1. I have tried the Tresemme and it’s not bad, though if I go crazy with it, my hair looks exceptionally lighter at the roots!! I will have to try out the Suave 🙂

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