Vegetable Garden: Build a Fence?

I think about my vegetable garden a lot – what will have grown during the day and will be ripe to pick for dinner, how to make it better, if I should make it bigger (there’s a trend every spring of sod coming out and more plants going in), and how to keep the dog, rabbits and squirrels out. I also think about how to balance the way I want the yard to look (for eventual house resale) with how to keep it functional (backyard to table eating for example). When Frank and I do go to sell the house, I don’t want the backyard vegetable patch to be a turn off. At this point, because the fence is just the cheap wire kind you poke into the ground, it would be pretty easy to see that with some sod and a year’s time, you’d never know it was this:

Veggie Garden, Late July 2011

But if I go with what I want to do this fall, it becomes a permanent fixture, which would look more like this:

Or maybe just dig up the whole backyard for this effect:

Okay, that probably would never happen (I don’t have an acre of land, to start with…) but I do love the look of no sod, and all plants. A few examples of inspiration, from The Pantry at Delancey and their kitchen garden in Seattle:

I love this fence

I’m off today to measure and see if my more permanent veggie home is a possibility, and how much I’ll need to do this fall so it’s ready for planting in the spring (I can’t believe summer is coming to a close, and I’m thinking about next spring). Happy weekend!


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