Downton Abbey Withdrawl

If you have not seen Downton Abbey but saw and enjoyed Gosford Park (Julian Fellowes being the common thread, as well as corsets, cravats, and English aristocracy) you have just found eight hours of entertainment you’ll be glad to give away in front of a television.

Season Two doesn’t come out until next January (which I’m totally okay with – it’s the dead of winter for us here and a well-done weekly show will help the weeks pass), but I began to have withdrawals. I went to Barnes and Noble and found The American Heiress, which actually has a review right on the book jacket that refers to having Downton Abbey withdrawals and this being the perfect book to read until Season Two begins. Bingo.

Here’s a review. I read it while I was traveling to and from Walla Walla, WA a few weeks and couldn’t put it down. When I got home, I went straight for the sofa with Cassidy and kept reading until I had finished it.

I guess you’ve got about 12 hours of entertainment now…


3 Comments on “Downton Abbey Withdrawl

    • It’s soooooo goooood, isn’t it?! So excited January is coming up quickly to start season 2…

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