It’s Official

Frank and I were married on May 19th, and it was the most beautiful, fun, and memorable day of my life. I will write a long post on that soon, with pictures and video (a preview: the bride was surprised by her groom, and much sobbing and shoulder shaking ensued). The planning of said beautiful and wonderful day took up a lot of my free time, which is why you see a “Happy Holidays!” post as the most current. Oh dear. In addition to planning a wedding, I took the GRE and applied to the U of Minnesota’s Masters in Strategic Communication program, which I’m delighted to be attending in the Fall. However, I did plant my garden and received over ten new cookbooks and as I read through them now, am excited to get back to cooking new things (I think Frank has been ready for a while). Hello, I’m here, and will write about my last seven months soon with plenty of new recipes.


2 Comments on “It’s Official

  1. Yay!! I was going through Jules withdrawals. Love the pics I’ve seen so far, and can’t wait for stories and more pictures.

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