Danish Ebelskivers

Nutella Ebelskiver
About a year ago my dad and stepmom bought me an ebelskiver pan for my birthday and like so many food-related things, was forgotten while wedding and graduate school took priority. Last weekend, however, after a relaxing Sunday afternoon nap while some Golf tournament was on, I had a hankering for something sweet. I pulled out the unassuming – almost like an egg poacher – Ebelskiver pan and the book they had given me on how to make what I consider Gushers for adults with a sweet tooth. Ebelskivers are essentially pancake balls with filling. They are quick to whip up, cook in a flash on the stove top, and are versatile for a crowd on a weekend morning. Much like making Swedish pancakes, they are a delectable breakfast treat you can dress up however you please. For my first attempt, I used Nutella for the inside treat, but there are numerous fillings to now explore (any kind of jam, honey, diced fruit, etc.). To find yourself an Ebelskiver pan, mine is from Williams-Sonoma, which you can get here, along with the pre-mix batter if that gets you started. This chocolate filled Ebelskiver recipe, with direction on how to make from scratch, is next on my list. If you’re at all inclined to try making these, I would start with any video on youtube.com that shows the making of these – it’s tempting once the dough sets on the bottom to quickly flip over to cook the other side, but aesthetically, it looks so much better to do it the Danish way. This video seems pretty authentic to me.


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