Rhubarb: Jam, Ice Cream, Cobbler

Rhubarb reminds me of Montana, where my parents were raised and my (closest-in-age) brother and I were born. As soon as I pull out the juicy red stalk from the plant, the tart spring scent instantly puts me in the farmhouse where my dad was born and my Grandpa Frank lived until his passing, almost 12 years ago. As rhubarb boils and bakes away the tartness and turns it to a sweet perfume, my memories travel a handful of miles West to my Aunt Eunice’s house, where as a kid I remember her always in her kitchen – if not in her sewing room – baking or braising something delicious. As for actual rhubarb planted, harvested and baked up in either of those homes, I’m unsure. Though I have a hard time imagining any of my Aunts not baking a rhubarb something during my childhood.

rhubarb jamrhubarb ice cream

But rhubarb is hearty and thrives in Minnesota, specifically in my back driveway in a ten gallon bucket. I neglect the thing for the whole year except for the one month it produces fruit. I love a good strawberry rhubarb pie, but this year changed it up to make jam, ice cream and cobbler. The jam is so easy and you can find the recipe here. I wouldn’t change a thing.

The same recipe for jam had an ice cream recipe along with it, and while a little more consuming than my strawberry ice cream recipe, I went for it and oh for the love of all that is good, this ice cream is just perfect. I made this cobbler a few weeks back when it was still cold here, temperatures hovering in the fifties and sixties in May and wanted something to warm me up. This cobbler recipe was wonderful. The only change I made was to substitute 1 cup whole grain flour in the 2 cups of all purpose flour called for – I was worried substituting both cups of all-purpose for whole wheat would change the recipe. The small change was nice and I love the little bit of nutty whole grain flour with the sweetness of the fruit.


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