Cherry Tomato Salad, A Wedding

The cherry tomatoes are in! For the last two weeks, I’ve been going out every couple of days to grab a handful of ripe cherry tomatoes to make simple and light summer dishes, and found a new favorite. Cherry tomatoes quartered with a handful of chickpeas, some fresh basil, a tablespoon of good olive oil, and either balsamic vinegar or a red wine vinegar and white wine vinegar mixture. It’s simple yet flavorful. To make it more of a meal, I’ll put in pearled mozzarella and toasted bread (or croutons). The dish has plenty of variations – a google search of ‘cherry tomato chickpea salad’ will turn up some interesting results to find the flavors one prefers.

prairie wedding

August has been busy – I had a short break between summer and fall classes, and during that time, my brother married his grade school sweetheart. You heard that right – grade school. These two kids have been dating (with a few breaks, of course) since 7th grade. They were both so excited, so beautiful. Hope the end of summer and beginning of fall has been good to you so far.


Me and my handsome hubs


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